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Easter Bunny Footprints Stencil

Easter Bunny Footprints Stencil

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The Easter Bunny is coming!

Make Easter that extra bit special for the young ones in your life with our Easter Bunny Paw stencils! Use them to spread the joy all over your house or garden!

Lay them flat on any surface and sprinkle powder or flour over the stencil to leave the Easter Bunny's footprints!

Each piece is hand crafted from quality hoop pine wood and comes as a bundle of 2 paws.

Our wooden and acrylic creations are intended as decoration only and are not toys. Please take care and never leave this piece with young children unsupervised. Take care with liquid and never place wet items on the board.

Please note: As each board is handmade, there will be variations to the colour and grain of each piece we create. The images on our listing are intended as an example only and you may see variations in your piece like the amount of knotting, colour and grain.

By placing your order, you acknowledge that our handmade boards may contain unique variations to what is pictured, due to the nature of the product (being a natural resource). This is not considered a fault, but rather a true reflection of the unique and natural beauty of the raw wood materials that we use.

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