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Mrs & Mrs Wedding Cake Topper

Mrs & Mrs Wedding Cake Topper

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Our classic range of wedding cake toppers will be the perfect addition to your amazing wedding cake! 

We make our toppers from wood (pine) and acrylic, giving you plenty of options to suit the style of your wedding day.

We have different inclusive designs in our Classic Range. Be sure to check out all of our product listings for the latest designs! Options include:

  • Mr & Mrs
  • Mrs & Mrs
  • Mr & Mr
  • Mr & Mrs "Surname" (e.g. Mr & Mrs Smith)
  • Mr & Mr "Surname"   (e.g. Mr & Mr Smith)
  • Mrs & Mrs "Surname"   (e.g. Mrs & Mrs Smith)
  • "First Names" (e.g. Sarah & Matt)
  • The "Surname's" (e.g. The Smith's)
  • Initials (e.g. S&M)


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