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Organised Chaos Monthly Acrylic Fridge Calendar Magnetic

Organised Chaos Monthly Acrylic Fridge Calendar Magnetic

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If you are anything like my family it is chaotic (to say the least) so we created this fridge calendar to have everything you'll need to organise the chaos!

A large clear acrylic fridge calendar for planning out your month, a weekly planning section to add any additional detail you need specific to the week you're in, a notes section so you can leave little notes for your loved ones and also a shopping list, for easy access to write down what you've run out of!

Made from 3mm frosted clear acrylic and engraved on the back, this calendar will last you for years to come! It comes with 4 super strong magnetic sign holders that will hold your calendar in place without budging (IMPORTANT see further notes below).

We have multiple options to choose from on the appearance and size plus choose from Monday-Sunday format or Sunday-Saturday.


  • Large 45x50cm
  • Medium 37x42cm 

With Shopping List

  • Large 57x50cm
  • Medium 49x42cm
  • Small 45x38cm

Need a different size? Contact me here.


The Silver or Gold stand off style magnets that are provided are extra strong and designed to hold your calendar tightly to your fridge. You must be extra careful on smooth, delicate surfaces not to drag the magnets as it will scratch the surface of your fridge. If you are concerned about scratching the surface of your fridge we suggest you add textured tape (not smooth as it will cause the calendar to slide) to the back of your magnets before placing them on your fridge. 

You can use standard white board markers to write on the calendar or for a more smudge free option you can use chalk markers. Use a normal whiteboard cleaner to clean the surface. 


Stainless steel fridges are not always magnetic, this depends on its composition and if they have a metal plaque behind the stainless steel. Please ensure you test your fridge prior to purchasing. If magnets barely stick when holding some weight, it doesn't matter how powerful our magnets are, the board won't stick firmly and you'll be left with a calendar that slides on your fridge. Due to the nature of the product we do not provide refunds if you happen to have a non metal/magnetic surface.
We do not recommend this product for curved fridges or fridges with plastic covers that look like stainless steel (check your fridge manufacturers guide).

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