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Wavy Edge Mirror with engraved affirmation or mantra

Wavy Edge Mirror with engraved affirmation or mantra

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Wavy Edge Mirror with engraved affirmation message or without. Choose from wooden backing or acrylic.

Made using premium 3mm Silver Mirror acrylic, this mirror is lightweight and contains absolutely no glass - so no possibility of a break.

The wavy edge mirror measures approx 33.5cm x 41cm.

If you would like a mantra or affirmation engraved into the acrylic mirror please enter your message into the personalisation field. If this field is blank we will assume there is no engraving and the mirror will come without a message.

You can have any message at all engraved, get as creative as you like! 

Some examples:

  • I am strong. I am brave. I am beautiful.
  • You've got this!
  • Damn... you look good!
  • I am worthy
  • Eat. Sleep. Slay. Repeat.

For best use we recommend attaching it to a wall or door using 3M velcro strips.

Want a different design? Reach out as we make custom designs for you!


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